Dimotiv ディモーティヴ ステアリングダンパー ダンパーマウンティングキット (Damper Mounting Kit) カラー:ブラック タイプ:OHLINS用 ヴェルシス 650:ウェビック  - dbe7f

Dimotiv ディモーティヴ ステアリングダンパー ダンパーマウンティングキット (Damper Mounting Kit) カラー:ブラック タイプ:OHLINS用 ヴェルシス 650タイプ:HYPERPRO用 / カラー:ゴールドはこちら
タイプ:HYPERPRO用 / カラー:チタニウムはこちら
タイプ:HYPERPRO用 / カラー:ブラックはこちら
タイプ:MATRIS用 / カラー:ゴールドはこちら
タイプ:MATRIS用 / カラー:チタニウムはこちら
タイプ:MATRIS用 / カラー:ブラックはこちら
タイプ:OHLINS用 / カラー:ゴールドはこちら
タイプ:OHLINS用 / カラー:チタニウムはこちら



【素材】材質】6061-T6アルミ合金 (アルマイト加工)

タイプ:OHLINS用 カラー:ブラック

ヴェルシス 650 15-16

6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy:
Silicon 0.4-0.8%,
Copper 0.15-0.4%,
Magnesium 0.8-1.2%,
Chromium 0.404-0.35%,
Ultimate Tensile Strength 290 MPa 42000 psi,
Bearing Yield Strength 241 MPa 35000 psi,
While thickness is less than 0.25 (6.4mm),Tensile Strength is 8% or more.
While thickness is greater than 0.25 (6.4mm),Tensile Strength is 10%.
General Anodic Process:
Processing with IPHONE,IPAD standard,corrosion resistant and 60 hours anti-UV endurance (testing under 100eV UV exposure for 60 hours before color start fading,whereas natural UV radiation is around 3 - 10eV).
Specially designed to fit various brands of Steering Damper,the mounting kit is composed of the 6061-T6 aluminum bracket and the fish-eye clip.
Our Damper Mounting Kit are developed to meet the highest demands both on road or race track and based on each model type and year precisely,also guaranteed with top quality and security and went through countless tests through any riding conditions.
DIMOTIV products are designed specifically for each model of motorcycle,these parts are essential accessories,whether in daily riding or on the track.
These simple lines combine with perfect detailing,not only create an idea goes beyond the function,but also making a design statement and emphasizing aggressiveness and character of your motorcycle.
DIMOTIV products are made of Aluminium and Delrin which have high quality and better duration.

I bet you had experience that heat-stopping moment while riding when the handlebar teeter nervously or even skirr uncontrollably out of your control you know is not pleasant if you haven’t experience then you should act now before it happens.
Steering damper reduces unnecessary swing of handlebar to a bare minimum making your riding experience safer and enjoyable.
However due to variety of bikes at the moment many brands find difficult to design Mounting Kits compatible with different models.
Unlike other brands DIMOTIV is the only company fully capable to Develop Design & Manufacture special mounting kits for any bike model and for any type of Steering Damper in the market.
DIMOTIV’s mounting kit has been assiduously researched tested engineered and stylishly designed to integrate with your bike enhancing stability without affecting steering and handling characteristics because we doni’t want you to drill or cut in the bike.
Breaking through standardization our Brackets are made of light weight 6061-T6 aluminum alloy harder and durable material and then anodized in 3 stylish color as options Gold Titanium or Black finished with a special transparent coating avoiding color loose under any weather conditions giving your bike not only an outstanding appearance but also essential accessory for your better ride.
Dimotiv Mounting Kit are designed manufactured and assembled in our own factory guaranteed top quality for riders all over the world.

※The item Steering Damper Mounting Kit does not include the steering damper.
※Please confirm the compatibility of the item for your motorcycle before placing an order.
※All the products are certificated by TUV Rheinland Group.

【送料無料】ハンドル周辺パーツ ヴェルシス 650 Dimotiv ディモーティヴ DI-DMK-KA-19-O-K
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